California Parolees Wearing GPS Devices Rape and Kill 4 Women …

Martha Anaya, 28, asked her boyfriend to pick up their 5-year-old daughter so she could work on Nov. 12 then stopped … Related Stories. Utah Woman Charged With Killing 6 of Her Newborn Children After Police Find 7 Dead Babies In Home · Former NFL Safety Darren Sharper Charged with Sexual Assault in Arizona · California Teenager Charged with Killing Both Parents and Wounding Little Brother …. Cheaters, Breakups, and a Love Worth Finding by Marcus D. Continue reading

Track a cell phones text messages | Android Monitoring Software!

This is a safe decision when buying mobile monitoring software. You would then tab out … One can reasonably assume that you can keep an eye on where your mobile phone, EMAIL, CALL LOGS, Blackberry IM and MMS and GPS locations are quickly uploaded to your address within the app if necessary. These ones are … Do you suspect your boyfriend or girlfriend of cheating, this app has a few minutes to process the order and in a compromising position. Aquellos … Continue reading

Tag Lets You Selectively Share Your Location With Friends


We hear about new location-sharing apps just about every week, but even with all these entrants, no one company has truly helped users easily link up with their friends while they're out. On one side of the spectrum you have … Continue reading

Woman Receives Letters After 45 Years – Huffington Post

In an operation called Czech Kindertransport Winton organized the rescue and safe passage of about 669 Jewish children who were designated for transport to Nazi concentration camps. In the clip, one of the children, Vera … Continue reading

How some journalists are using anonymous secret-sharing apps …


It makes sense that anonymous apps, whose purported purpose is to give users a place to share their innermost feelings and frustrations, could have a second life in the news business. Right now, the two apps leading in … In a post titled 5 Things Whisper Can Tell Us About America's Top Party Schools, Zimmerman surfaces trends around colleges and drinking discovered by analyzing Whisper's raw data, which is organized by tags and location. There's something … Continue reading

Retail Marketing: Drive Foot Traffic To Your Store with Location …

Pulling up an app to scout out a store or virtually checking in at a new location has become all but second nature for the smartphone-armed shopper. Location-based apps have the ability to transform retail marketing efforts by … Continue reading